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 I am an artist inspired by forms in nature.

 I am drawn to creative expression that involves and engages its audience;   that which is  inclusive and accessible…like music.

I gravitated towards printmaking and artists books because I could create multiples to share.  Then I discovered  the art form of street painting – drawing with chalk pastels on the pavement.  The gallery came outdoors.  The artists engaged with the audience in the creative process. The artists learned from each other, and created a community.  The artists worked against time and the elements of nature:   daylight, weather, fatigue…

 The first festival of street painting in North America is Santa Barbara’s

I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival,

held every year at Mission Santa Barbara on Memorial Day weekend.  Fortunately for me this is in my own ‘back yard’ .  This discovery has opened many doors to lasting friendships,    to artistic growth,  and to adventures of travel.

My work on the street and with paper  is continually inspired by the community of artists I am privileged to know and the endless possibilities available when my mind and eyes are open.

I welcome inquiries about commissioned pieces,  as well as opportunities to participate  as a street painter in festivals and exhibitions.