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 I’m drawn to creative expression that involves and engages its audience;   that which is  inclusive and accessible…like music or a book.

In college I gravitated towards printmaking and artists books because I could create multiples to share.  Then I discovered  the art form of street painting – drawing with chalk pastels on the pavement.  The gallery comes outdoors.  The artists engage with the audience in the creative process, working in public against time and the elements of nature: daylight, weather, fatigue.  There’s a parallel with the inherent shareability of  music. After a 30 year absence from playing my violin, I decided to learn mariachi. Playing this music lifted me out of myself when I needed it most. There is no other music that pulls you in to dance, sing, laugh or cry like mariachi.

The joy of creating for me is finding connection. Thank you for taking the time to peek into my world on these pages.